Recruitment Reimagined

Top Five Percent is a revolutionary solution for smart companies, reimagining recruitment and bringing the best of twenty-first century technology to work for you.


We find and profile the best candidates: you choose from the top five percent.


The Top Five Percent Process


 Elevates your brand in the eyes of candidates


 Provides hard evidence of the skills you’re looking for


 Dramatically reduces the cost of recruitment 


 Improves retention by 90%


Powered by T5 Talent Management Technology


Recruiting the right talent for your business is a long and costly process. Our T5 talent management software solves this with smart automation.


T5 moves candidates through the application process automatically, freeing you to focus on hiring the right people, not processing a mass of paperwork.


Our interface brings everything together in one convenient dashboard, from testing and psychometric profiling to candidate management.


In short, we help you to get to know your top five percent simply, quickly and cost effectively.


Unique Benefits of T5


 Creates a rewarding experience for applicants, decreasing dropouts to competitors.


 Provides a wide range of tools customisable to your corporate needs.


 Is flexible, allowing you to automate where you choose and engage when you want.


 Allows applicants to shine without the constraints of antiquated selection processes, showing you their true skills and personality early on.


 Presents you with a ‘live’ pool of skills-matched talent.


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