Revitalise Your Career With Top Five Percent

At Top Five Percent, we take a completely fresh approach to recruitment, giving you what you really want from a recruitment partner (and your next role).


 Expertise - We’re a specialist service founded by senior recruiters and hiring managers. Our reach and expertise can help you find the role you’re looking for.


 Analysis - Our T5 Talent Management Technology identifies the areas where you truly excel. Not only does this approach show which positions you’re suited to, it counts as hard evidence for potential employers.


 Relevance - The tests we use are designed to be directly relevant to your chosen appointment, so you won’t face any vague assessments of fringe skills. Candidates tell us that our process makes for more interesting and enjoyable interviews, too.


 Individuality - We believe that a faceless recruitment process can’t serve candidates or employers. So we’ll get to know you outside the testing environment, and you’ll have the chance to shine away from the constraints of last-century selection techniques.


 Transparency - With TFP, you’re always clear what to expect from the recruitment process. You’ll know how long it should take, and there won’t be any unwelcome surprises.


 Communication - It’s frustrating to be left in limbo after applying for a job, which is why we’ve made communication an integral part of the TFP process. Our systems automatically tell you how you’ve performed at each stage of testing, and we’ll keep you in the loop throughout.