New technology in recruitment: how your business can benefit

Are you making the most of new technology in recruitment and selection?

If you're an SME without a dedicated HR department it's easy to miss out.

But you really can't afford to lag behind the curve.

It's new technologies (like our very own dashboard) which can supply your business with the talent it needs to thrive.

Here's how the latest in business tech can help you.

Promote social mobility

Social media is a truly disruptive technology, one which shatters class and economic boundaries daily.

It's probably the most influential new technology in recruitment today.

Pretty much everybody can be found on either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn (if not all of them at once).

Employers increasingly want to reach out for the kind of talent they won’t find through internship schemes and university milk rounds.

When they do, blogs and social media help them connect with star candidates who otherwise might not apply.

Not only that, contextualised recruitment is changing the way we look at academic achievements.

It’s pretty clear that for applicants from some backgrounds, a 2:2 represents a level of brilliance and commitment that would bag a first for their less disadvantaged peers.

Today’s recruitment technology enables you to assess raw talent and ability, uncomplicated by a candidate’s social circumstances.

Provoke engagement

When you place a job ad in a print or online publication, it’s normally seen by people who’ve taken the trouble to look for it.

That’s a limitation. Think about it – if you could also reach people who are not-quite-seriously browsing for a new role, you could tempt them with the right offer.

That’s where algorithmic technology similar to the content delivery system pioneered by Taboola comes in.

It analyses internet use, and serves up your job ad to people who may well interested in your vacancy but haven’t even realised it yet.

And if they should drop out of the application process before the end, you can use technology to help you re-establish contact.

Reveal the person behind the persona

New technology in recruitment isn't all about the mechanics of the selection process.

An interesting side-effect of social media is that it captures our unguarded, ‘off-duty’ selves.

This means that if you want to find out what the applicant with the shiny shoes and designer suit is really like, you just have to look at their social feed.

Of course, the real people behind your brand are your biggest asset.

Recruiters and managers are wising up to this, and are now encouraging staff to be open about their working lives on social media.

Take the recruitment process mobile

It’s official – the UK is a smartphone society. Over two-thirds of us use our phones to get on the internet, twice the length of time we spend on laptops or desktops.

Unsurprisingly, job applicants are embracing smartphones as the most convenient way to apply for the role they want.

Make it easy for them, say by including a QR code in your job ad, and you could significantly increase the number of responses.

The developments aren’t all in the job seeker’s favour, either.

Next-generation recruitment dashboards like Top Five Percent allow recruiters to manage the entire process from a smartphone or tablet.

New technology in recruitment - a brave new world

It’s pretty clear that recent advances in technology are rapidly ushering in a brave new world of recruitment and selection.

The changes don't just apply to giant corporations, either.

Now you can make the most of new recruitment technology with TFP, a solution engineered especially for businesses like yours.

We like to think it brings big-league quality within the reach of SMEs.

Sound good? Just pick up the phone to find out how you can put TFP to work for you.